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Spring 2010 classes

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Art Club brings artists from the Philly area in to teach short (five weeks) classes in some specific art medium. The classes are open to all members of the Bryn Mawr community: students, faculty, and staff.

For Spring 2010 Art Club is potentially offering:

Book Arts and Printmaking
Learn how to both make books and use Art Club’s printing press to make images. This class will cover the basics of bookbinding and methods of printmaking.

Standard Sewing
Learn how to sew using both hand sewing techniques and machine sewing techniques.

Fabric Sculpture

Batik and Textile Decoration

Learn the art of batik and other fabric and textile dying and printing techniques.

Screen Printing

Silk screening is not just for your department t-shirt! Silk screening is an ancient printmaking method with wide applications from images, to cards, to posters, to clothing.

Jewelry Making

Work with a Bryn Mawr alumna to make beautiful hand-crafted jewelry.

Emails sent to artclubexec.bmc [at] gmail  (with the class name in the subject) will be used to lottery students. The dates and times for the classes will depend on both the artist teaching it and the students enrolled, meaning we have no set dates as of now but will be decided upon communally.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009


SATURDAY 11/21 at 8pm.


Minutes 11/1 and 11/8

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Sorry for the delays in posting minutes!

Meeting 11/1/09


  • on Friday, the 11th, is a Family Paint Jam Fest 6:30-8pm at Norristown should be tons of fun! dancing, food, painting!
  • working on finding and contacting Haverford’s Photo Club since we can’t have a darkroom in the studio


  • yay OIG funding!
  • yay meeting with Catherine Shapiro, President’s Chief of Staff!
  • future meeting with facilities
  • future meeting with Dean Tidmarsh
  • we are hard at work!

Gallery Opening

  • yay Euphemism Quartet is performing!
  • discussed food. there will lots of it and it will be yummy!
  • how to display art work
  • posters and lights!


  • Exec board is required to submit at least 1 piece of artwork made this year
  • announcements to classes
  • Artist statements welcome but not required
  • someplace else to display the artwork after the opening

Meeting Rescheduling

  • Nov 15th’s exec board meeting is rescheduled to Weds at 9pm to start setting up for gallery opening

Activist Stenciling

  • starts Weds 11/4/09
  • Exec board members will be there


  • report of survey results about next classes next semester
  • status report of classes running this semester
  • Potential Classes for next semester
  1. Silkscreening
  2. Sewing
  3. Bookarts and printmaking
  4. Jewelry Making
  5. Batik
  6. a specific kind of painting? (issue: no artist known to teach)
  • email will be sent out, people respond with what class they’re interested in. Lottery will occur before class, class times will be picked and a meeting one week before the class to confirm class attendance

Minutes 11/08/09


  • yay Dean Tidmarsh!
  • Adrienne is being interviewed along with Amy Grebe for Civic Matters about their work in Norristown

Budget Report

  • slight mix up fixed up
  • classes need to be fully paid up
  • table shopping duties for all!

Gallery Opening

  • Cheap Art Sale- all unclaimed art (or donated art) will be sold
  • new motto: “make art not work” (though exec board members are making art AND work)
  • posters!
  • Submit art! by the 19th!

Sarah Zia Ebrahimi

  • free screening of Between the Folds followed by a free origami workshop at the BMFI


  • lighting set up on Weds
  • command hooks are purchased. so are lights

Next Semester’s Classes

  • Class evaluations would be super useful
  • respond by 11/18 5pm about what classes you want to take!
  • more than 5 people have to sign up for a class to run