New Blog!

September 9th, 2010

The Art Club blog is moving!  From now on you can find us at  All the same information will still be posted – minutes, photos, and info about Art Club events.  Please update any links/bookmarks accordingly!


Minutes- 4/27- Last Meeting of the Year

April 28th, 2010


-whoa, lots of canvas went missing!


-shopping time

-buying paper, sewing supplies, drawing supplies


-clothing making including sewing workshops have overwhelming demand.

-pinhole photog, stained glass, batik, weaving in top for long term workshops

-make your own clothes, drop in sewing machine tutorial, mosaic, kite making, pinhole for short term workshops

-short and long term workshops will not overlap topics


-useful for making sure everyone is on the ball about what tasks need to be completed when

-summer project

Unique to Next Year
-Gallery space,sponsoring BMC artists etc. etc.
-Trying out short term workshops.
-Open Mic Nites
-Jane Golden Philadelphia Mural Arts (?)
-Field’s Performance Project
-Bulbs Next Year-Flower Garden in Fall
Summer Access
-worked with pubsafe
-passcode will be changed and studio access monitored
-pubsafe requires us to inform them everyone who has access
-students must call pubsafe if using studio after dark
-must email the gmail for the passcode
-rainy day studio locked up for the summer

Cleaning out Studio


-cheap art sale to clear out discarded/left behind art

4/20 Minutes

April 20th, 2010

We spent some time explaining old business and acclimating our new exec board members to our process.

Class Ideas

we came up with a list of potential classes to include in our survey

puppet-making, political art, stencil making, hand printing, large mural painting (spring only), pinhole photography, watercolor, clothing making workshop, drawing, calligraphy, cut paper, mosaic, press use workshop, leather burning, kite making, embroidery, stained glass, batik, silkscreen are all on the list.

Next Semester

-orientation to the studio hour

-sewing machine training

-stained glass workshop

-how to improve signage to prevent misuse of supplies

Open Mic Night this Friday- CANCELED

-will retry next semester with new game plan

Studio Cleaning

end of semester cleaning coming up


Exec Board Organization

we received some late but good applications and we like to keep everyone involved

-active members in the fall ready to step into places of people studying abroad

-how large should the exec board be?


annual calendar of events

-calendar of availability for consultation/decision making over the summer

Canaday Space


-collaborative focus upon new art work

-mini grants to support art

-nice poster to start that off in Sept.

Your Exec Board for Next Semester!

Co Pres- Adrienne Webb & Ariel Kay

VP- Angela Wang

Stenographer- Antara Tulsyan

Treasurer- Louisa Foroughi

Publicist- Angana Roy

Assistant Publicist-Katie Randall

Webmistress- Amelia Light

Noara Razzak will be joining us in the spring.

3 more positions will be made. 2 for our late but good applicants and 1 for Ariel Field so that she can continue.

Seniors, Anna Lehr Mueser & Teresa Silva will step down May 7-8.


April 11th, 2010

Help the BMC Greens make piñatas at Arnecliffe!



April 11th, 2010


Art Club hosts Open Mic-Fri. 4/23

Materials We Need:

-have to balance what we need and the budget we have remaining.


Local Artists Series Changes?

-shift from all classes to workshops?

-we love our artists but want to offer a wider range of art activities

Sewing Machine Training

-sure it’s a side effect of expensive delicate machines in a public space but the machines have issues weekly

-broken needles, jammed bobbins are the most common issues. these are easily fixed/avoided! (but annoying if it’s just one person(Teresa) fixing it every week) (Teresa is graduating anyway)

-one hour workshops will be enforced next semester


-at Art Club one of our primary concerns is how to continue being awesome despite change of leadership

-calendar of annual events to make sure lessons are passed on


we’re selling some! see details here

Flat File

-it arrived!

-it needs assembly!