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Be on the Art Club Exec Board!

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Think Art Club is awesome?

Would you like to have a hand in the cool stuff we do?

Apply to be on the Exec Board next year!

There’re tons of reasons it’s amazing to be on the Art Club Exec Board. Off the top of our heads we came up with:

-mentorship opportunities

-become on first name basis with administration

-have a noticeable impact on the Bryn Mawr Community

-it’s an incentive to be creative!

-learning professional skills; managing a collaborative group of people

-meet and work with nice local artists

-develop your graphic design skills

-throw and plan big awesome events!

to apply: download and fill out the exec-app-interactive. Return it to Anna Mueser via the button that says “send by email” or by her mailbox #315 by April 12th.

Hope to meet you soon!

Minutes- 3/23

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Art Club is working at about capacity. unfortunately we can’t help out as much as we’d like to

-they’re making pi├▒atas! help them!

Exec Board Continuation

confirmation: all underclasswomen continuing on the exec board

-still need 2-3 new people

-went over application

-discussed the advertising campaign. look out for those posters!

Co-op Event

-we have no rain site but will want to do the sweater trees


-being printed out next saturday


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Kirie is the Japanese art of paper cutting.

The process of Kirie art is as follows. First, the original skeleton picture is drawn on blank sheet of paper. Using a knife, the artist cuts the blank spaces out to create only outlines. Pieces of colored paper and then cut out and attached to the back to fill in the outlines. This creates an often colorful, delicate piece of art.

On Saturday, 3/20 the Rainy Day Studio was fortunate enough to host Shu Kubo. Shu Kubo is a Japanese kirie artist who is in the US at the behest of the Japanese embassy to promote Japanese culture. He gave us a talk, demonstrated how to do kirie and then let us try our hand at it!

shu kubo talking with students

New Mural!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

So Art Club has created a sort of tradition in which departing seniors paint a mural to make their mark on the studio. The first was the Mountains mural by Teresa Silva which was painted right before the Gallery Opening in the Fall.

On Friday, 3/19, we painted Anna Lehr Mueser’s mural in the Rainy Day Studio. It’s lovely!

Anna's mural!

Meeting Minutes- 3/16

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

sorry about the lack (and lag) in posting minutes, you don’t all need to hear about my busy schedule so just, my apologies!


Exec board members never stop thinking about Art Club. while on vacation in Intercourse (PA), Anna and T bought fabric

New Access Code

-door was broken

-email artclubexec.bmc[at]gmail[dot]com for the new code

Local Artist Series

-discussed how to distinguish art club and class materials

-class materials to be stored in Rainy Day Studio’s cubbies

Garden Project

-we want to plant a bulb flower garden!

-we’re in communication with grounds

-non-gmo/organic flowers are expensive and far away

-Adrienne will be procuring them

New Mural- Anna’s Senior Mural

-Painting on Friday, starting at 4

Art Co-Op Meeting

-we’re part of this cooperative

-Ariel F. and Adrienne are representing us


yay Jenny’s still with us!

-we need to be in contact w/ bi-co about a cool event

-who is exactly responsible for maintaing studio?

-we all are!

-new position? exec member coming in 2 hours a week to clean?

-chore chart by end of semester

-new ink tutorials will be placed

-signs and printing information will be placed

-what date is the recycled event?

Sweater Tree Project

still discussing w/ knitting club

-discussed w/ grounds, they’re confused but ok w/ it

Respect This Space

huge sign going up!

Rainy Day Studio

stencil for door will be made and painted


we’re printing everyone’s designs! lots of make art not work stickers!

Big Purchases

-drying rack coming to Ward

-flat file coming april 5th

Exec Board Post Anna&T

anyone currently on the exec board can stay on the exec board

-we’d like 2 presidents. it really works out the best

-definite: Ariel K is stepping down from president and JYA for spring

-definite: Louisa staying on as treasurer

-might be looking for new co-pres

-definite: looking for new webmistress

-looking for 2-3 new people

-reviewing application