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Minutes- 1/24/2010

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

First Meeting of the Semester!


Position Open! Norristown Community Arts Center coordinator- applications at CEO

Art Club in the news. We’re the centerspread of Civic Matters.

Saturday! Community Mural Project in Norristown


-Facilities is awesome. the renovation is DONE! tables, stools, and all.

-we need to move back in. Facilities should take away the flat file and cut down display boards

Future Exec Meetings

we have yet to establish a meeting time, will let you all know our regular meeting times

Community Art Night!

Tuesdays 8-10!

-we’ll change the day after spring break so that if your schedule conflicts with Tuesdays, you still have a chance to make it to a community art night this semester

Special Events

Art Club is doing a special event in conjunction with the Arts Cooperative

-it will be outdoors and about recycled art

-applying for funding fun!

Arts Cooperative Meetings

Adrienne can make it this time…these meetings are difficult to get to


Louisa is awesome. the budget is more complicated than one thinks it would be.

-supplies will be replenished

Alternative Confinement

we’re doing an alternative confinement for freshwomen who do not relish the thought of being stuck in a dark(ish) common room with the rest of their dorm. The art studio is out of the way, open, light and full of stuff to do.

Studio Prep

Cleanup! Sunday, the 31st at 1! Come help us!

Open Mic Nights/Friday Events

-Anna is going to be responsible for 3 open mic nights (Feb., March, April) stay posted

-Jeffrey Lewis! Applying for funding so he can come February 12th!


-Ariel and Adrienne are awesome enough to go shopping for us!

-list: paint, glue, paper, xacto knives


we’re hosting 22 Belmont kids at the Art Studio in early February

-one fun activity!

we’ll need help! Let Ariel or Adrienne know!