Minutes- 4/27- Last Meeting of the Year


-whoa, lots of canvas went missing!


-shopping time

-buying paper, sewing supplies, drawing supplies


-clothing making including sewing workshops have overwhelming demand.

-pinhole photog, stained glass, batik, weaving in top for long term workshops

-make your own clothes, drop in sewing machine tutorial, mosaic, kite making, pinhole for short term workshops

-short and long term workshops will not overlap topics


-useful for making sure everyone is on the ball about what tasks need to be completed when

-summer project

Unique to Next Year
-Gallery space,sponsoring BMC artists etc. etc.
-Trying out short term workshops.
-Open Mic Nites
-Jane Golden Philadelphia Mural Arts (?)
-Field’s Performance Project
-Bulbs Next Year-Flower Garden in Fall
Summer Access
-worked with pubsafe
-passcode will be changed and studio access monitored
-pubsafe requires us to inform them everyone who has access
-students must call pubsafe if using studio after dark
-must email the gmail for the passcode
-rainy day studio locked up for the summer

Cleaning out Studio


-cheap art sale to clear out discarded/left behind art

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