Art Club hosts Open Mic-Fri. 4/23

Materials We Need:

-have to balance what we need and the budget we have remaining.


Local Artists Series Changes?

-shift from all classes to workshops?

-we love our artists but want to offer a wider range of art activities

Sewing Machine Training

-sure it’s a side effect of expensive delicate machines in a public space but the machines have issues weekly

-broken needles, jammed bobbins are the most common issues. these are easily fixed/avoided! (but annoying if it’s just one person(Teresa) fixing it every week) (Teresa is graduating anyway)

-one hour workshops will be enforced next semester


-at Art Club one of our primary concerns is how to continue being awesome despite change of leadership

-calendar of annual events to make sure lessons are passed on


we’re selling some! see details here

Flat File

-it arrived!

-it needs assembly!

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