-3 leaks in the studio roof
Printing Press is ready! (thanks Louisa!)
Resume slips! (thanks Adrienne!) when you leave artwork in the studio for a break, use a sign!
-Organized paper! (thanks Angana!)
LIGHTS! will be set up during Community Art Night (CAN)

Stained Glass Club
new leadership!
-will be using the available materials
meetings will overlap with CAN 7-9pm

Sam Salazar
-is organizing Sam Suzuki concert, 8pm on a Saturday
-filling out studio use form, telling Arnecliffe Residents that a non-loud concert will be happening

Studio Renovation
-we want to convert the “office” into a classroom space
-submitted application to OIG

Special Events-Gallery Opening
-band search
-call for submissions!

Gmail account
-each exec board member is responsible for checking for one day a week

Studio Access
-people keep getting lost and knocking on the professors’ doors!
-wooden sign to steer people the right way

Chore Chart
-the exec board members are responsible for small tasks every week

-murals in each dorm? housekeeping/facilities okay with this?
-call for submissions for the art studio mural! due by November 1st

Classes-Next Semester
-preregistration next time
-organize by end of this semester
-lunch class to encourage staff
-are being dealt with

Agenda for General Meeting- THIS WEDNESDAY!
-stenciling and printmaking workshops
-short agenda, food

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