Art is all around!

This weekend, Sister Spit is at Garageland on Saturday, October 24th. These ladies do a combination of spoken word, poetry and performance that is fun, hilarious, feminist, and in your face.  I saw them when they came to Bryn Mawr a few years ago so I can definitely recommend going! Plus, what else is so cheap ($7-10) to do that gets you off campus and is not Haverford?


If you have any free days during the week or will be in Philly anyway (oh those UPenn classes…) you could check out the Art in City Hall series. It’s easy to find on the 2nd and 4th floors of City Hall and is currently running a paper sculpture exhibit. Paper sculpture is something I didn’t really know existed but it looks really impressive, it’s free and in the middle of the city.

"Mask" by Virginia Maksymowicz, life-size paper sculpture.

And I don’t mean to disparage Haverford. They’re currently holding a series of events about comics called Drawing the Line. When I think of comics, I think about Marjane Satrapi (author of Persepolis) insisting that her work was not a graphic novel but comics.  So this series about the social transformative impacts of comics is an interesting approach to the studying of comics. They have a website with their schedule right here
drawing the line

But you don’t even need to venture from Bryn Mawr to do some art.

skirt made of recycled tshirts

Tonight, Thurs the 22nd at 6pm  is the first meeting of the Sewing with Recycled Clothing class. We all have old tshirts that we love dearly but there’s that stain or huge hole, you freeboxed it and didn’t notice that small flaw until later, or some other reason you no longer really wear it.  The best solution is make it into a new piece of clothing! Or maybe you just want unique clothing without needing to buy cloth… This class teaches you to learn how!

apron made out of recycled shirts


silkscreening tshirts

And on Sunday, the 25th at 7pm, our Silkscreening class begins. Silkscreening is so versatile; you can make an image to transfer onto almost anything using non-scary chemicals. Plus, it’s really satisfying to see the image you thought of come out.

silkscreened art



On Monday, the 26th at 7pm, our Making Plushie Animals class begins. Learn how to make adorable little plush animals that are cute, adorable, and make good presents.




On Tuesdays at 7, is the Paper making class. There’s still room in this class so even if you missed the first meeting, you can get in. Making paper is fun, dirty, and satisfying since you can use your finished paper for stationary, books, art, or anything else you use paper for.


Go make art part of your day!

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