Minutes- 2/9

Remember, Exec Board meets every Tuesday at 6pm in the Erdman backsmoker!


-we’re going to try to be more environmentally friendly! heater tends to stay on at high temperatures…and a switch to eco-friendly detergents.

-we’re in spring fling

anyone who requests a studio code, gets automatically put on the listserv

-posters will be printed on Thursday

Events in the Studio

Event for Religion on Campus, Saturday March 27th!

-Open Mic Nights

Hell Week

we are running an alternative confinement! so if you or your hellees don’t relish the thought of staying cooped up in a darkish room for the entire afternoon, consider coming to Arnecliffe where you’ll have natural sunlight, plenty of room, and alternative ways of spending your time other than the sole choice of studying.


we are buying…a lot of them

-we’re painting a mural in the new space…

-certain materials get stolen pretty regularly…

Getting You Involved!

-partnerships with clubs

community art project! Collaboration is beautiful.

-student workshops

-sweater trees

-community meetings

New Space Needs to be Named

tabled for next week…but if you have an idea, let us know!

BiCo News Article

Art Club Exec board wanted to clarify that we aren’t taking away right to the art studio we just wanted to

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