Minutes- 2/2

Art Club Exec Meetings are every Tuesday in Erdman backsmoker at 6pm. We welcome active members to join us!


-none of our special events got funded….we might not be able to hold any big events this semester now.

-Belmont mentoring could’ve used some more people to volunteer but went well.

-we’re in the BiCo!

Budget Report

well…extra 25% is very welcome!

How to Spice Up Art Club

– we’re still pretty new but freshwomen don’t know a Bryn Mawr w/o Art Club

-we’re excited about Art Club, we want you to be too!

-How can we get you to be involved?!

Cut Paper Artist

Yuri is bringing a Japanese cut paper artist to campus

-we’re totally excited for them to use the studio!


possibly the entire campus now knows that some people don’t exactly treat the studio the way they should.

-advertising campaign about your studio!


we’re always working on improving how these are run

Classes start February 24th! Half an hour before the time of the class, lottery will be run. (i.e. if Book Arts starts at 8pm, lottery is at 7:30pm) NO BRYN MAWR TIME!

-if you’ve signed up, you have priority. but we will be advertising the classes.

-Materials fees are $10 for students, $15 for faculty and staff. If you don’t think you can pay this, contact us for workshare.

-Classes will all run 5 weeks (scheduling snafus…) with a break for Spring Break

Active Members

we love our active members!

-but we can always use more…I mean, when we graduate..who will take over Art Club?

-How can we get people to become more active?!


Mural event, February27th.

-need help making stencils! Come make super cool stencils that kids will enjoy using!

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