Latest Exec Board Meeting Minutes

1. Budget Report from Marybeth
We will be reallocating money from restoring the letter press to food for an open mic event with kaleidoscope.

2.Review of materials purchased
We have bought paper, paint, brushes, silkscreen, paper making supplies, lino ink and blade holders, bookmaking materials

3.Cool new amenities
In Arnecliffe we have a living room equipt with a hotpot, tea and mugs.

4.Stuff we need to find or purchase—We need volunteers to help us pick up these things
Chairs, little table, more tea (we will possibly scavenge this), plastic spoons, empty plastic or glass containers.
The furniture is much cheaper if you can get to IKEA and pick them up instead of buying online. So we are looking for people that would be willing to drive one of us to the store to buy furniture.

5.Still On-going events
Community Art Night (8-10 Thursdays) All are welcome
Workshops — if you have anything art related you would want to teach, please consider teaching a workshop.

6.Art Club events going on
Open Mic with Kaleidoscope, March 19th
Studio Opening
Art Outreach

7.Art Club  Mission
What should we be doing?
Are we doing it?

8. Faculty and Staff Access?
We decided that faculty and staff should have access to the studio and it should be free for them, like it is for students.

9.Office/major’s room
We talked about how we wanted to divide this area between stained glass club and the art majors of Bryn Mawr who want studio space.
Further talks with stained glass club are still needed.

10.Other ideas?
Do we want to take a trip to the PIA? – Anna is organizing a trip
Or to other art events in Philly?
Do we want to try and bring another area artist to campus for a one-day workshop?

Donate! We have $14, which is not enough to buy a gift for anyone. There are e-mails about this.

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