The Exec Board had a fantastically long but productive meeting in which we seriously discussed and drafted policies. Here are the abbreviated minutes.

1. Budget:  we need to ask for money in order to keep doing artsy things! Thank you Louisa for working on the budget.

2. Interviews: we start interviewing teachers on Thursday, Sept. 3rd so we set up a procedure and worked out who’s interviewing who. Thank you Adrienne for taking on this tremendous task.

3. Weekly Exec board meetings: members at large are welcome to join us, Sundays at 5:30pm in Erdman for dinner meetings

4. New membership policies!

-Voting members should have attended more than one Art

Club meeting

-Attendance will be on the Honor Code

-Community Art Night will double as an General Art Club

Meeting on the last Wednesday of every month

5. Set up of policies for events in Arnecliffe

-clubs will need to clear events with the Art Club Exec Board

-we have created guidelines and policies that will need to be

agreed to and signed; they deal with our duties and

clarifying the duties of space “renters”

-policies include a non-smoking and alcohol-free policy

6. Access code

-access codes will only be given out in person or by a personal email

– easiest way to get the code is to come out to community art night!

7.  Set the agenda for future meetings


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