Call for Submissions! Art Club-Greens Exhibition

Call for submissions:

Think about your environment, social, ecological, or manmade.  How does your environment impact your life?  In what way are you connected to your local ecosystems, whether, here, at home, or someplace else that matters to you?  How does place affect you?  In a piece of visual art please explore how you connect to your environment and how it affects you.  Please pay special attention to your interactions with/dependence on your local ecosystem.

For example: perhaps a piece looking at how the extreme rains this past summer impacted your life and food supply if you lived in New England?  Or a piece connecting your community to the aquifer on which it depends?

Please feel free to include a brief artist statement because of the conceptual nature of the project.

All submissions should have your name and email address attached to a separate piece of paper so we can review artwork anonymously.  Work can be submitted to Art Club President Anna Lehr Mueser (Rock 250), Vice President Angela Wang (Merion 2nd), or in the studio itself in the basement of English House.  All work must be submitted by October 20th.


The artwork submitted will be reviewed by members of the Greens and the Art Club and displayed on campus.  The goal is to produce a thought-provoking gallery show exploring how people think about their environments and understand their role in them.

Questions: Amueser@bmc


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